It's About TIME!

With his first publication, It's About TIME!, Justin reveals the steps necessary to achieve your personal legend. Using his own experiences, knowledge gathered over a decade of research, and his own creative teaching methods, Justin illustrates three steps necessary to Transform your life: Illuminate your potential. Manifest your destiny. Evolve into the NEW you.

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Follow the Light

The Cavians are people who live in darkness. One day, Nisha discovers the world of light! He shares his new world with his friends – his friend, Yuta, likes this new world, but Chief Berka is afraid of the dangers in the unknown. It takes time to get used to the world of light. Nisha and Yuta develop the strong patience needed to help their friends.

“Follow the Light” is a story about people who find new ways of living and become strong and patient while they share this new life with their friends and family.

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